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Getting involved

The success of DIVERSITAS has been due to to the voluntary involvement of scientists and organisations from around the world. The primary means of contributing to DIVERSITAS over the years has been as an individual scientist, as a member of a DIVERSITAS National Committee, through funding, or as a partner in science-policy endeavours.


Now DIVERSITAS activities merged into Future Earth but a similar collaborative ethos will contribute to the success of Future Earth, with an even larger community, a broader range of social and natural scientific disciplines, and of stakeholders.


As the DIVERSITAS Secretariat closed on 31 December 2014, for further information and involvement, please contact:

  • The relevant Future Earth (ex-DIVERSITAS) Core Projects' Science Officers for activities related to these projects;

  • The GEO BON Secretariat and GMBA for activities related to observation;

  • bioDISCOVERY and ICSU for activities related to assessment (e.g. IPBES);

  • Future Earth for science-policy activities (e.g. Convention on Biological Diversity, post 2015 SDGs process);

  • The Future Earth Secretariat for matters related to National Committees and Future Earth development.

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