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Bright Spots: Seeds of a Good Anthropocene

Kick off of the Future Earth Fast Track Initiative led by Elena Bennett, ecoSERVICES

The Future Earth Fast Track Initiative project of ecoSERVICES and partners, led by Elena Bennett has been funded by Future Earth for the next 2 years starting in September this year.

Bright Spots: Seeds of a Good Anthropocene aim to solicit, explore, and develop a suite of plausible visions of “Good Anthropocenes” – positive visions of futures that are socially and ecologically desirable, just, and sustainable. These positive visions are alternative to the negative visions of the future we are bombarded with and that may inhibit our ability to move towards a positive future for the Earth and humanity.

In addition to global visions, the project will identify and analyse ‘bright spots’ – real places that demonstrate one or more elements of a positive future that might serve as seeds of a Good Anthropocene.  Project partners aim to initiate wider global discussions of the kinds of futures people would like to create and to expand discussions beyond efforts focused on avoiding negative futures or taking incremental steps forward. They will engage with a wide range of global leaders and facilitate wide-reaching discussions and engagement with society at large via social media channels and existing project networks. Through these activities, the project will also promote awareness of Future Earth and its objectives.

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