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ecoHEALTH has a simple governance structure that enables efficient implementation of its activities. It also promotes integrative and interdisciplinary activities. The central governing body of ecoHEALTH is the Scientific Committee (SC-ecoHEALTH) nominated by the DIVERSITAS Scientific Committee on a proposition from the SC-ecoHEALTH. It meets annually and decides upon policy and future research.

The decisions of the SC-ecoHEALTH and the coordination of the project's activities are undertaken by the international project office (IPO).


Scientific Committee

Appointed Members




Peter Daszak, Chair

ecoHealth Alliance, USA




Assaf Anyamba

Universities Space Research Association, USA



David Finnoff

University of Wyoming, USA




Pablo Beldomenico

National Counsel for Science and Technology, Argentina




Peter Black

FAO, Thailand




Jean-François Guégan

Research Agency for Development (IRD), France



William B. Karesh

EcoHealth Alliance; OIE; IUCN, USA




Subhash Morzaria

Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, Thailand/Portugal



Thomas Nyariki

African Union's InterAfrican Bureau for Animal Resources, Kenya




Zhengli Shi

Wuhan Institute of Virology, China



Gerardo Suzán Azpiri

Autonomous University, Mexico



Chadia Wannous

Towards a Safer World Network, UNDP, Switzerland

Ex-Officio Members

James N. Mills, The Wildlife Disease Association / Emory University, USA

Past Members

  • Malcolm Bennett, University of Liverpool, UK
  • Innocent Rwego, Makerere University, Uganda
  • Katherine F. Smith, Brown University


International Project Office

ecoHEALTH activities are supported through the international project office. The IPO is, along with the SC-ecoHEALTH, responsible for engaging the international community, establishing networks, coordinating activities, and monitoring progress in the implementation of ecoHEALTH worldwide. It also communicates the results of ecoHEALTH activities through reports and publications.

The IPO is hosted at the EcoHealth Alliance, USA, and has a contact point at the DIVERSITAS Secretariat in Paris, France.

Science Officer

Catherine Machalaba

EcoHealth Alliance

460 West 34th Street – 17th floor

New York, NY 10001




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