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ecoHEALTH Participates in Future Earth Meeting

The January 2014 Future Earth meeting brought together myriad disciplines to catalyse collaborations and research. ecoHEALTH was pleased to provide the health perspective given increasing impacts on health related to global environmental change.

ecoHEALTH participated in the Future Earth meeting on January 20-22, 2014 in Washington, D.C., USA. Bringing together disciplines ranging from urbanisation, agriculture, oceans, climate change, biodiversity, and human behavioral science, Future Earth is a 10-year research initiative that offers a global platform for environmental change science towards sustainability. The meeting focused on setting research priorities and forming new scientific collaborations. ecoHEALTH provided a valuable perspective on the human and ecosystem health considerations related to prior, current and anticipated change, including infectious diseases responsible for >1 billion annual cases and an increasing non-communicable disease burden. Health has strong intersections with many facets of environmental change, and promoting health can support sustainable development benefits. ecoHEALTH looks forward to advancing the numerous collaborations formed at the meeting that may yield impactful synergies.

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