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Implementation Activities


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Successful implementation of the bioDISCOVERY goals requires the collaboration of scientists from a range of different disciplines -- ecology, environmental science, biophysics, computer science, sociology, economy, and many others, as well as the involvement of stakeholders, policy- and decision-makers as well as political institutions at national and international levels. Since the start-up phase (2007/2008), a number of activities have been initiated that contribute to the three foci outlined in the scientific strategy.

GEO BON: a global network for monitoring of biodiversity and ecosystem services

GEO BON is the biodiversity observation network of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO). Within GEO BON, bioDISCOVERY ensures that it develops within a robust scientific framework, and that the science necessary for its implementation is produced. In particular, bioDISCOVERY supports the activities of GEO BON working group 6, which are centred around monitoring and tracking of ecosystem services. More.

TRY: Refining Plant Functional Classifications for Earth System Modeling

The TRY initiative is a global network of vegetation scientists to compile and share plant trait data, and is headed jointly by IGBP, QUEST, DIVERSITAS and the Organismic Biogeochemistry Group at MPI-BGC. More

BBS: Advanced prediction of Biome Boundary shifts in regional and global dynamic vegetation models

The BBS initiative is a network of ecological modeling groups focusing on the development of improved global dynamic vegetation models (DGVM) that include the representation of biological diversity, such as plant functional traits, and ecological processes. More

Eco-Evol: Eco-evolutionary approaches to understand and predict the response of species and ecosystems to climate change

Goal of this initiative is to create an international network of scientists working on bridging the gaps between evolutionary, molecular and functional ecology with the specific goal of contributing to the development or improvement of models that account for both evolutionary and functional processes. More

Novel Models: Exploring the boundaries of ecological modeling

Global change science needs novel modelling approaches to address emerging issues and questions on the impact of global change on terretiral biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. More

Harmonising Global Biodiversity Models

Biodiversity Futures: Scenario Development and Assessment

Combining the expertise and advances of the various bioDISCOVERY activities allows for the development of scientifically sound scenarios and projections of biodiversity changes in response to current and future environmental change.

In a contribution to the Global Biodiversity Outlook 3 (GBO-3) bioDISCOVERY jointly with UNEP-WCMC were charged by the CBD to perform a synthesis and critical analysis of existing global and regional biodiversity scenarios. More.

The study also highlighted a number of tipping points of global importance. More.

A consortium of researchers, lead by bioDISCOVERY, has been selected by the CBD to conduct an in-depth biodiversity scenario analysis to determine the progress towards the Aichi Biodiversity Targets. More.

New generation of socio-economic-ecological models for sustainable landscape development: the case of bioenergy

This initiative, coordinated in collaboration with the ESSP aims at conducting a clear analysis of trade-offs and synergies of increased bioenergy and biofuel production. More

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