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Past Members of the Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee of agroBIODIVERSITY (SC-agroBIODIVERSITY) used to meet annually and provided recommendations on policy and research activities on biodiversity and agriculture matters. The SC-agroBIODIVERSITY was nominated by the DIVERSITAS Scientific Committee and its activities were supported by an international project office (IPO).

2014 is marked by the fusion of DIVERSITAS and the transition of its projects into Future Earth. For agroBIODIVERSITY, this meant its merging with another core project of DIVERSITAS, i.e. ecoSERVICES, to transition into Future Earth as one single project. ecoSERVICES will address in an integrated manner issues related to agrobiodiversity and the overall science of biodiversity, ecosystem functioning, ecosystem services and human well-being.

agroBIODIVERSITY was a dynamic and productive network thanks to the support of its former science officer (Mirjam Pulleman, Wageningen University) and its active past SC members, namely:

  • Kamaljit S. Bawa, University of Massachussets, USA
  • George G. Brown, Embrapa Floresta, Brazil
  • Lijbert Brussaard (Co-Chair), Wageningen University, the Netherlands
  • Irene M. Cardoso, Federal University of Vicosa, Brazil
  • Luis E. Garcia Barrios, Ecosur, Mexico
  • Toby Hodgkin, Platform for Agrobiodiversity Research, Italy
  • Anne-Marie Izac, Centre de Coopération International en Recherche Agronomique pour le Développement (CIRAD), France
  • Louise Jackson (Co-Chair), University of California Davis, USA
  • Meine van Noordwijk, ICRAF, the Netherlands
  • Unai Pascual, Cambridge University, UK
  • Peter de Ruiter, Wageningen University, the Netherlands
  • Teja Tscharntke, Georg-August University, Germany


International Project Office

The agroBIODIVERSITY international project office (IPO) supported the implementation of decisions of the SC-agroBIODIVERSITY and coordinated the project's activities.

From 2008 until March 2013, the agroBIODIVERSITY IPO was based at Wageningen University and funded by the University of California Davis, Wageningen University, and the Ministries of Environment and Agriculture of the Netherlands. The IPO Science Officer was key in supporting agroBIODIVERSITY's outreach activities and served as advisor of the European Learning Network on Functional AgroBiodiversity (ELN-FAB) and for some policy a such as the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO). After March 2013, the DIVERSITAS Secretariat was performing the tasks of IPO to support the agroBIODIVERSITY's transition to Future Earth.


Past Science Officer

  • Mirjam Pulleman, Wageningen University


For information, contact

the ecoSERVICES Science Officer, Karine Payet-Lebourges

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