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In order to be successful, the science-policy interface for biodiversity and ecosystem services at the international level needs four complementary components: 1) Research, 2) Observations, 3) Assessments, and 4) Policy.

Good Policy making relies on good information drawn from Assessments, which are as strong as the underpinning Research and Observations.

DIVERSITAS is located within the Research component of this interface, since its main mission is to strengthen biodiversity and ecosystem services science. DIVERSITAS is strongly committed to promote the delivery and use of policy relevant knowledge. To achieve this, DIVERSITAS collaborates with the following policy oriented programmes, organisations and conventions:

CBD : Convention on Biological Diversity

UNESCO : United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

UNEP : United Nations Environment Program

UNFCCC : United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

EPBRS : European Platform for Biodiversity Research Strategy

Rio+20” : The UN Conference on Sustainable Development

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