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Youth Reporter Initiative

Following an open call, four young scientists were selected, invited to join the conference and to play the role of "Reporters of the Celebration". This was for them a great opportunity to meet with top-level biodiversity experts from the DIVERSITAS community, to have a better understanding of international biodiversity science-policy interfaces, and to benefit from the learning and networking experience that the event provided them.

The main objective of this initiative was to relay the lessons and main messages that can be learned from the DIVERSITAS experience to the broader DIVERSITAS and Future Earth community, and especially the next generation of biodiversity scientists and practitioners.


Communication activities around the Celebration

The activities the youth reporters undertook were:

  • Interviews: The youth reporters conducted interviews with panellists and selected participants during the celebration in order to get insights and main messages on the achievements of DIVERSITAS, its main challenges, and future perspectives of biodiversity science under Future Earth.  Interviews are showcased in short videos that are web broadcasted on DIVERSITAS and Future Earth web channels. They are all available here.
  • Social Media: Relevant happenings and messages from the celebration were transmitted by the youth reporters, Lizzie Sayer (Communications Coordinator of Future Earth) and other participants through the #diversitas during the whole event. Blog posts were also written following the celebration featuring interesting stories from the celebration and posted on Future Earth Blog.
  • Photos: The youth reporters also took photos; they are available here.


The Youth Reporter Team


DIVERSITAS & Future Earth Communication Team

This initiative was coordinated by DIVERSITAS Science Officers Karine Payet-Lebourges (ecoSERVICES) and Melina Sakiyama (bioGENESIS) in collaboration with Future Earth Communications Coordinator, Lizzie Sayer.

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