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Understanding the Earth system –its weather, climate, natural and human-induce hazards, biodiversity, etc .- is crucial to enhancing human well-being and achieving sustainable development.

Observations of the Earth system constitute critical input for advancing this understanding. Interested countries and organisations members of the Group on Earth Observations, GEO, are collaborating to develop a Global Earth Observation System of Systems, GEOSS. The vision for GEOSS is to realise a future wherein decisions and actions for the benefit of human kind are informed by coordinated, comprehensive and sustained Earth observations and information.

DIVERSITAS contributes to the development of the biodiversity component of GEOSS, called GEO BON.

In addition, DIVERSITAS has a strong collaboration with the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF): the two organisations have signed, in 2009, a Memorandum of Understanding (DIVERSITAS is a GBIF Associate Participant). An example of joint activity is the release of the Mountain Biodiversity Portal in 2010.

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