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Involvement of Scientists

Why is IPBES of interest to the scientific community?

Scientists are important stakeholders for IPBES, and have a role to play both directly within IPBES, and indirectly, outside of, but in close collaboration with, IPBES.

Within IPBES

As users of information, scientists, represented in the IPBES plenary by their relevant organisations, will be encouraged to formulate, as observers, requests for information, and will thus contribute to the definition of the programme of work of IPBES.

As providers of scientific information, scientists will be called upon by IPBES to address the requests for information made by the IPBES plenary. Scientists expect to play an important role in the four functions that are currently discussed by IPBES, which include catalysing the generation of new knowledge, performing regular assessments, supporting policy formulation, and capacity building.

Outside of, but in close collaboration with, IPBES

The scientific community will, with other knowledge producer and research funding agencies, be responsible for producing the new data and knowledge identified by IPBES as lacking. The scientific community will therefore need to work in close collaboration with IPBES in order to understand what gaps need to be filled out.


How can scientists get engaged in the IPBES process?

At the second IPBES Plenary session (Panama, April 2012), an agreement was reached on the rules of procedure  for engaging various stakeholders, including scientific organisations, as observers in IPBES. Further details on this will be made available on the IPBES web site and on this web site as well, as soon as the Panama report is released.

Scientists can currently get informed about IPBES and engaged in negotiations by becoming associated to one of the organisations representing the scientific community, such as ICSU (DIVERSITAS, IHDP), or by contributing, at the national level, to the work of their national delegation to IPBES.


Download the IPBES e-newsletter dedicated to the scientific community

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