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Greener conferences

OSC2 (2009, Cape Town, South Africa) sustainability policy



PUP (2012, London, UK) sustainability policy

A full assessment of the conference's impact on environment was made on the following issues:

  • Conference venue ("Greenhouse") gas emission estimate;
  • Venue operations waste , water and energy environmental policies;
  • Exhibitions production (see "Sustainability guidelines for exhibitors");
  • Food and food service: choice of caterer with the following efforts towards sustainability:
    • Serving a high percentage of local, regional, natural, and organic food and drink;
    • Serving Fair Trade coffee, tea, chocolate, etc.;
    • Serving sustainably-sourced fish;
    • Has sustainability and procurement policies in place;
    • Composting in on-site wormery.
  • Choice of hotels;
  • Procurement of various conference goodies and papers (conference bags, programme, daily bulletin, etc.);
  • Information technology/Audio-visual;
  • Transportation (covered by Carbon offset);
  • Award programme development (covered by Carbon offset);
  • Demonstration projects;
  • Carbon offset programme: The carbon offset programme has been implemented to offset 2500 participants greenhouse gas emissions, a mandatory fee of 35 GBP per registrant was required to cover this cost.


Three projects were selected for the carbon offsetting:

  • Better cooking stoves that reduce deforestation and decrease air pollution in Ghana (Gold Standard).
  • Energy efficient cooking stoves for urban families that reduce deforestation and help prevent respiratory diseases in Mali (Gold Standard).
  • Improved indigenous forest management: planting trees, capturing CO2, restoring biodiversity, and developing the local population's economic activities in Malaysia (Verified Carbon Standard).

See the "Carbon neutral certificate" for the PUP conference.

Full information on carbon offset policy on the PUP website.

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