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One of DIVERSITAS’ primary objectives is to create a worldwide network in support of biodiversity science that fosters integration across disciplines, creates a science-policy interface, and establishes links at regional and international levels.

The main goal of the National Committees is to enlarge DIVERSITAS’ scientific and policy networks, thereby helping to establish crucial links between national biodiversity programmes and international activities. The National Committees make it possible to implement, and adapt where necessary, the DIVERSITAS science priorities to local and regional concerns.

DIVERSITAS has two categories of National Members:

  • Full Members: countries who provide an annual financial contribution to DIVERSITAS (and may have an established national committee). These Members play a crucial role in shaping the programme. Full Members are, for example, involved in discussions on future scientific priorities of DIVERSITAS, and on future budgets.
  • Affiliated Members: countries who have identified a contact point or assembled a national committee, but who do not contribute financially to the programme.

In addition, many issues related to biodiversity transcend national boundaries. Therefore, it is often vitally important for several countries to collaborate in scientific research and in policy development. The knowledge and experience gained through such integrative approaches is invaluable across the DIVERSITAS network. Today, DIVERSITAS collaborates with several Regional Networks.

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