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SCs Projects

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Collectively, DIVERSITAS projects comprise a cycle of discovery, observation, analysis and information sharing that supports the application of socially relevant knowledge. The projects are complementary in that they allow DIVERSITAS to tackle broad issues from various angles and new knowledge acquired in one area will help to advance research in others. Individually, these projects assemble the expertise required from both natural and social disciplines to address specific aspects of biodiversity science. Collectively, they ensure the continued development of a truly international and integrated approach.

Implementation of these projects is guided by the project Scientific Committee, which is appointed by the SC-DIVERSITAS. In addition to the Appointed Members, some of these SCs have ex-officio Members representing organisations collaborating closely with the project. With expertise spanning a broad range of particular areas within the project's field of work, the SC defines, develops and prioritises plans for the project, guides its implementation, and publicises its results at relevant scientific and policy events and fora. It also liaises and facilitates cooperation with other DIVERSITAS projects and relevant international programmes.

bioSUSTAINABILITY Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment
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