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DIVERSITAS has a simple governance structure that enables efficient implementation of its activities. It also promotes integrative and interdisciplinary activities.

The central governing body of DIVERSITAS is its Scientific Committee (SC-DIVERSITAS) nominated by DIVERSITAS Institutionnal  Sponsors based on a proposition from the SC-DIVERSITAS. It meets annually and makes recommendations on all aspects of the programme, including policy and research related activities.  Most of the scientific activities of DIVERSITAS are organised around projects, governed by their Scientific Committees (SCs) appointed by the SC-DIVERSITAS.

A group of outstanding scientists from around the world supports the missions and activities of DIVERSITAS. They form its Advisory Board.

DIVERSITAS Members are points of contact in the countries and regions that participate in the network, help initiate and organise activities at the local and regional level, and are an important interface with the wider international research community. The DIVERSITAS Full Members are National Committees financially contributing to the core funding of DIVERSITAS and are consulted by the SC-DIVERSITAS on specific issues regarding the programme activities.

The Secretariat and the International Project Offices (IPOs) are the “glue” for the network, facilitating communication; scientific synthesis and integration; and science-policy interface. The Secretariat supports the activities of the SC-DIVERSITAS, and performs a number of tasks across the programme, such as scientific communication, fund raising, or science-policy activities of DIVERSITAS.

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