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DIVERSITAS receives its funding from two sources: national contributions for its core funding and project-based grants.

The DIVERSITAS core funding is provided by a range of national funding agencies around the world. Countries contributing to this core funding are the DIVERSITAS Full Members (see all Donors in 2010). Their contributions are based on GDP (Table of dues).

This core funding is used to:

  • partially support scientific projects;
  • respond to policy requests for scientific expertise;
  • initiate new projects;
  • support the DIVERSITAS International Secretariat;
  • perform communication and outreach activities across the programme.

The national contributions typically represent 60-70% of the total yearly income of DIVERSITAS.

In addition, DIVERSITAS receives financial support for specific activities from a broad range of funding sources including national institutes, research grants, UN bodies (Donors in 2012).

Typically, 70 to 85% of the income is spent on scientific activities. About 10% of the income covers Secretariat operating expenses, and around 5% covers publications and communication activities . The scientific activities include project activities, science-policy activities, workshops and conferences, contributions to ESSP, GEO BON, and assessments (e.g. IPBES, GBO-3). DIVERSITAS financial summary for 2012.

DIVERSITAS is grateful to the research councils, science funding agencies and other organisations world wide, which contribute to its core funding. DIVERSITAS also acknowledges the International Group of Funding Agencies for global environmental change research (IGFA), for facilitating dialogue between national funding agencies and DIVERSITAS to mobilise resources.

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