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DIVERSITAS Publications in 2001

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DIVERSITAS Endorsed Projects Publications in 2001

Bertin L, Dellavedova R, Gualmini M, Rossi G and Tomaselli M. 2001. Monitoring plant diversity in the Northern Apennines, Italy. The GLORIA project. Archivio Geobotanico. 7(1):71-74

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DIVERSITAS Publications in 1991-2000

Bisby FA. 2000. The quiet revolution: Biodiversity Informatics on the Internet. 289(5488):2309-2312

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DIVERSITAS Endorsed Projects Publications in 1991-2000

Grabherr G, Gottfried M and Paull H. 2000. GLORIA: A Global Observation Research Initiative in Alpine environments. Mountain Research and Development. 20(2):190-191

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