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IPBES e-news 5 - 1st February 2013

IPBES e-news 5 - 1st February 2013



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1st February 2013


Dear Colleagues,

Stakeholder day

IUCN and ICSU co-chaired the 3rd IPBES Stakeholder Day, organised by UNEP, in collaboration with UNESCO, UNDP and FAO to further discuss the involvement of scientific community and civil society in IPBES.

Reports of both stakeholders’ day and IPBES second plenary session will soon be available on the IPBES web site.


First impressions

Our community was very satisfied with the outcome of this first plenary meeting and with the sense of enthusiasm and commitment of all Delegates toward IPBES. We were happy to see the first MEP elected and mandated with finalising the Conceptual Framework, and designing an initial programme of work, and to have ICSU tasked, together with IUCN, with developing a stakeholder engagement strategy.

There are however several areas which are of concern to our community, including:

-the MEP is currently mostly composed of male, natural scientists, with under-representation of the social sciences, and local and indegenous knowledge experts. A review of the procedures used in the nomination and selection of the interim MEP will serve as a basis to improve this interim procedure, and to ensure the key IPBES principles of multidisciplinary, inclusiveness, transparency and independence;

-the decision to allow only governments and MEAs to make requests to IPBES, while other stakeholders, including UN organizations, can only make input and suggestions. This, in our belief will limit stakeholders' engagement in IPBES, and its policy relevance;

-the lack of a decision regarding the admission of observers, whom we consider as key to making IPBES a truly multi-stakeholders platform, as originally envisaged.


Anne Larigauderie
ICSU representative to IPBES-1
Executive Director of DIVERSITAS

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