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PuP 2012: Selected sessions of particular interest to the DIVERSITAS community

Planet under Pressure 2012. All abstracts should be submitted against a selected session. Please see list of selected sessions of particular interest to the DIVERSITAS community.

Conference Sessions related to DIVERSITAS projects and priorities

If you would like to submit an abstract for one of the sessions below, click on the title of that session.

Day 1: State of the Planet / Theme A: Meeting Global Needs



Lovejoy, Diaz, Fonseca, Dixon, Hammond

Tragedies and hopes of the global commons: Biodiversity, climate and the oceans as global benefits

Leadley, Duraiappah, Williams, Olsson, Lenton

Staying away from the edge: avoiding biophysical, ecological and social tipping points

Mills, Prieur-Richard, Guegan

Biodiversity Loss and the Emergence of Infectious Disease

Gordon, Larigauderie, Lonsdale, Stuart, Price

Securing global biodiversity: a human imperative for a sustainable planet


Day 2: Options and opportunities / Theme A: Meeting Global Needs



Williams, Jongman, Turner, Larigauderie, Walters

How international collaboration can strengthen biodiversity monitoring

Sullivan, Bhat, Harrison, Heda, Prieur-Richard

Conservation of freshwater ecosystems: towards sustainable management for future generations

Perrings, Duraiappah, Larigauderie, Reyers, Andelman

Putting the concept of ecosystem services into practice: science, assessment and policy

Luster, Baumann, Seidl, Tockner, Schirmer

Managing river corridors under the prospects of climate change: A challenge considering conflicting ecosystem services


Day 3: Challenges to progress / Theme B: Transforming our way of living



Jackson, Brussaard, Bossio, Harttung

Reconciling food security, biodiversity and multiple ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes

Theme C: Governing across scales



Ring, Krolopp, Santos, Schröter-Schlaack

Financial instruments for local biodiversity action: Thinking ecological fiscal transfers across scales


Day 3 will also include a lunch key event:



Larigauderie, Duraiappah, Ash and Arico

Strengthening the use of science for policy: IPCC's lessons for  IPBES

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