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ecoHEALTH project BIODIS granted by CESAB (France) & post-doc position open

The DEBED project BIODIS, Disentangling the linkages between biodiversity and emerging infectious diseases, received a grant from the French Centre for Synthesis and Analysis of Biodiversity (CESAB). BIODIS is opening a post-doctoral position in disease ecology to coordinate BIODIS

Post-doctoral position in disease ecology - Deadline for application: 15 March 2013

Summary of BIODIS:

75% of emerging diseases are zoonotic. Intuitively, the greatest number of zoonotic pathogens should exist in areas with greatest biodiversity; nevertheless, emergence frequently is associated with biodiversity loss, often anthropogenic in origin. Several hypotheses have been proposed, including the dilution effect hypothesis and selection for opportunistic species. Yet, much of the science remains theoretical and data available are spread among unrelated groups of investigators. The best chance for understanding the relationships between biodiversity and infectious diseases lies in multi-institutional and multidisciplinary collaboration. We propose to bring together ecologists, public health scientists, veterinarians, modellers and parasitologists from four countries, working in different regions of the world. BIODIS will investigate three major questions: (1) which life-history characteristics that may confer to hosts better capacity to be "good vessels", (2) how quantifying the parasites capacity to cross species boundaries; and (3) what is the role of biodiversity in transmission of infectious diseases at different spatial scales. Deliverables include databases and disease modelling, reviews and exploratory articles, actionable public health policy information shared with health-protection agencies and medias; and training of young scientists to this new research area.

BIODIS is a project from the French Center for Synthesis and Analysis of Biodiversity (CESAB) jointly funded by the French Foundation for Biodiversity Research (FRB) and DIVERSITAS.

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