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DIVERSITAS is involved in producing publications related to specific topics or initiatives, a selection of which is highlighted below.


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Newslettter of the Consultative Process Towards an International Mechanism Of Scientific Expertise on Biodiversity (IMOSEB)

International Biodiversity Observation Year (IBOY)

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Detecting Environmental Change: Science and Society

edited by Dr. Andrew R.J. Sier, Dr. Terry W. Parr, Prof. Rick W. Battarbee, Dr. Anson Mackay (2003) The conference "Detecting Environmental Change: Science and Society was an IBOY Core Network Project, conference website:


Special Issue of Science of the Total Environment, Vol 310, Issues 1-3, page 1-271, featuring papers presented at the conference.


IBOY Newsletter (International Biodiversity Observation Year 2001-2002)

More information:


Biodiversity Research Methods: IBOY in Western Pacific and Asia

by Tohru Nakashizuka and Nigel Stork (2002); Trans Pacific Press.



Evolution and Biogeography of Deep-Sea Vent and Seep Invertebrates

by C.L. van Dover, C.R. German, K.G. Speer, L.M. Parson and R.C. Vrijenhoek (2002). Science. 295 (5558):1253-1257.


Impacts and Extent of Biotic Invasions in Terrestrial Ecosystems

by C. D'Antonio and S. Kark (2002);Trends in Ecology and Evolution 17(5): 202-204.


New records of cave-dwelling mysids from the Bahamas and Mexico with description of Palaumysis bahamensis n. sp. (Crustacea: Mysidacea)

by G.L. Pesce and T.M. Illiffe (2002); Journal of Natural History. 36 (3): 265-278.


Underutilized Crops: trends, challenges and opportunities in the 21st century

by S. Padulosi, T. Hodgkin, J.T. Williams and N. Haq (2002). In: Managing plant genetic resources. J.M.M. Engels et al. Eds. pg. 323-338. CABI-IPGRI.


An International Biodiversity Observation Year

by D. Wall, H. Mooney, G. Adams, G. Boxshall, A. Dobson, T. Nakashizuka, J. Seyani, C. Samper, J. Sarukhan (2001); Trends in Ecology and Evolution 16(1): 52-54.


A new genus of epacteriscid calanoid copepod from an anchialine sinkhole on Northwestern Australia

by D. Jaume and Humphreys W.B. (2001); Journal of Crustacean Biology 21: 157-169.


Biogeography and Ecological Setting of Indian Ocean Hydrothermal Vents

by C.L. van Dover et al. (2001); Science. 294 (5543): 818-823.


New stygobiont copepods (Calanoida; Misophrioida) from Bundera sinkhole, an anchialine cenote on north-western Australia

by D. Jaume, G.A. Boxshall and W.F. Humphreys (2001); Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 133: 1-24.


The Global Register of Migratory Species- Database, GIS Maps and Threat Analysis

by K. Riede (2001); Muenster (Landwirtschaftsverlag), 320 pp. + CD.


The Endangered Species Act: History, Conservation Biology, and Public Policy

by B. Czech and P.R. Krausman (2001); Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.


To boldly go where no plant has yet been found

by D.L van Dover (2001); Nature: Correspondence. 413 (16).


Threatened fishes of the world: Ogilbia pearsei (Hubbs, 1938)

by G.S. Proudlove, R. Medina-Gonzalez, L. Chumba-Segura and T.M. Iliffe (2001); Environmental Biology of Fishes, 62: 214.


Threatened fishes of the world: Ophisternon infernale (Hubbs, 1938)

by R. Medina-Gonzalez, G.S. Proudlove, L. Chumba-Segura and T.M. Iliffe (2001); Environmental Biology of Fishes, 62: 214.


Special Issue: Ocean Biogeographic Information System

(2000) Oceanography 13 (3).


Ecology - DNA banks for endangered animal species

by O.A. Ryder, A. Mc Laren, S. Brenner, Y.P. Zhang and K. Benirschke (2000); Science 288: 275, 277.


Ecosystem data to guide hard choices

by W.V. Reid (2000); Issues in Science and Technology 16: 37-44.


Grants kick off ambitious count of all ocean life

by D. Malakoff (2000); Science. 288: 1575-1576.


The Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS): an on-line worldwide atlas for accessing, modeling and mapping marine biological data in a multidimensional context

by J.F. Grassle (2000); Oceanography. 13: 3: 5-7.


Preservation of DNA from endangered species - Response

by O.A. Ryder, A. Mc Laren, Y.P. Zhang, S. Brenner and K. Benirschke (2000); Science 289: 726-727.


Shallow-water and not deep-sea as most plausible origin for cave-dwelling Paramisophria species (Copepoda: Calanoida: Arietellidae), with description of three new species from Mediterranean bathyal hyperbenthos and litterol caves

by D. Jaume, J.E. Cartes and G.A. Boxshall (2000); Contrib. Zool. 68(4): 205-244.


International Ecosystem Assessment

by E. Ayensu et al. (1999); Science 286: 685-686.


The quiet revolution: Biodiversity Informatics on the Internet

by F.A. Bisby; Science 289: 2309-2312.


Last updated: 17 November 2006

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