Internships for Young Conservation Scientists from Developing Countries and Eastern Europe

The University of Cambridge has obtained support from the Lisbet Rausing Charitable Fund to allow selected overseas delegates to the annual Student Conference on Conservation Science (SCCS) to extend their visits by taking up internships with interested conservation organisations or university departments.
The internships will last ~1 month, and are to enable promising young conservation scientists and practitioners to develop their careers by working with their host on a focused and mutually useful piece of work (such as preparing a report, developing a project plan, or transferring expertise). Host organisations can in turn benefit through exchanging ideas, bringing field staff to head office, or simply extending their networks.
SCCS will cover all international and local travel costs, pay a stipend, and organise logistics. Overhead costs and supervision will be the responsibility of the host organisation.
The scheme will be open to graduate-level conservation scientists and practitioners from developing countries and Eastern Europe, currently working in relevant university departments or in conservation or resource management agencies. Host organisations can be conservation agencies, NGOs, or university departments, in the Cambridge area or beyond. Key selection criteria will be the quality of the work the candidate and their ability to benefit from the proposed internship.
The scheme will run for 5 years, from the March 2007 conference. Organisations potentially interested in hosting interns are invited to discuss their ideas as early as possible (and no later than the preceding summer) with the conference organisers. Applications should then be made, by the internship candidates themselves, by November each year, via the SCCS website ( Selections will be made in December, by the SCCS committee.