The Academy of Sciences for the Developing World (TWAS) Prizes for Young Scientists in Developing Countries

Continuous Application

A major objective of TWAS is to recognize and support individual scientists in developing countries who have made excellent contributions to the advancement of science, measured in terms of the number and impact of scientific research papers published in internationally recognized journals. In many developing countries a system of awarding scientists for significant scientific accomplishments is not fully implemented. Against this background, TWAS provides financial assistance to national science academies, scientific research councils and ministries of science and technology in a number of developing countries to enable them to institute a scheme of TWAS prizes for young scientists. The prizes are awarded each year in various fields of natural sciences on a rotating basis. TWAS shall make available a yearly amount of up to US$2,000 as prize money. Each
awarding organization may decide whether to divide this amount into more than one prize per year.
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