CGIAR Challenge Programs: A Call for Cycle 2 Pre-Proposals

Closing date: 10 September 2007

The Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research invites all interested parties to develop pre-proposals on any of the following ideas for Challenge Programs: (a) climate change, agriculture and food security; b) high-value crops (fruits and vegetables); and (c) combating desertification (dryland degradation).

Challenge Programs are part of a far-reaching effort to enhance the effectiveness and impact of CGIAR's research investment. They:

  • address complex issues of great global and/or regional significance;
  • involve high impact research relating to CGIAR goals;
  • work through broad partnerships involving a wide range of institutions;
  • are independently governed; and
  • are committed to achieving specific objectives within an agreed time frame.

    They involve at least two CGIAR Centres and two developing country national agricultural research systems. Four Challenge Programs are currently being implemented and initial indications from pilot programs showed that they are fulfilling their purpose. The CGIAR has therefore decided to embark on a second cycle with the aim of advancing the new CGIAR system priorities.

    Pre-proposals may be developed and submitted by any organisation capable of managing a major international agricultural research program. These must be submitted via email no later than September 10, 2007, to the following address:

  • For more information, take a look at the announcement on the CGIAR website:, or contact:
    CGIAR Secretariat, The World Bank, MSN G6-601, 1818 H Street NW, Washington, DC 20433 USA.
    Tel: +1 202 473 8951, Fax:
    + 1 202 473 8110