START/PACOM 2007 Small Research Grants for African Global Change Scientists

Closing date: 28 February 2007

START, through funding from the US National Science Foundation on behalf of the United States Climate Change Science Program, is able to offer this Call for Proposals. The objectives of this call are: 1) to directly contribute to global change science in Africa; 2) to enhance the understanding of the impacts and consequences of global changes in Africa, 3) to create long-term, collaborative research partnerships between African scientists and those in developed countries, and 4) to foster the integration of African researchers into the international global change research programmes of ESSP, IHDP, IGBP, WCRP, and DIVERSITAS.

To be eligible for consideration, the proposals must explicitly address priority issues identified in the frameworks of START’s sponsoring programs (IGBP, IHDP, and WCRP) of the Earth System Science Partnership. In this round, priority will be assigned to proposals that focus on the following three themes:

Theme 1: Climate Variability & Climate Change, especially:
Theme 2: Impacts/Adaptations/Vulnerability to Climate Change
Theme 3: Land Use Change/Ecosystems/Biogeochemical Change/Biodiversity
For more information take a look at the website: or contact Charles S. Kauffman at the International START Secretariat.