Young Scientists Summer Program at IIASA

Closing date for applications: 15 January 2007
Programme Dates: 4 June - 31 August 2007

Each summer, the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) near Vienna, Austria, hosts a selected group of graduate students, primarily doctoral, from around the world in its Young Scientists Summer Program (YSSP). These students work closely with IIASA’s senior scientists on projects within the Institute’s 3 theme areas of Natural Resources & Environment, Population & Society, and Energy & Technology. IIASA and its National Member Organizations provide airfare and a modest living allowance for most of  the applicants who are selected to participate. 

IIASA is an international institution, supported by the governments of its 17 member nations, that engages in scientific research aimed at providing policy insight on issues of regional and global importance. Its suite of programmes and initiatives in 2007 will include the following: 

Natural Resources and Environment

  • Land Use and Agriculture
  • Forestry
  • Evolution and Ecology
  • Atmospheric Pollution
  • Greenhouse Gas Initiative
Population and Society
  • World Population
  • Risk and Vulnerability
  • International Negotiation
  • Population and Climate Change
  • Health and Global Change
Energy and Technology
  • Energy
  • New Technologies
  • Dynamic Systems
  • Integrated Modeling  
Detailed information about each program is available on the IIASA Website:

You should consider applying if:
  • You are an advanced graduate student;
  • Your field is compatible with ongoing research at IIASA;
  • Your research and career would profit from interactions with scientists from all over the world;
  • You would like to investigate the policy implications of your work.  
Each applicant must submit the on-line application form, including 2 references and descriptions of research interests.  Application forms are available online at