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Prof. Mary Kalin Arroyo

Centro Mileno para Estudios Avanzadas en
Ecologia y Investigaciones en Biodiversidad
Universidad de Chile,
Castilla 653, Santiago, Chile

Tel: + 56 2 276 0351 / 2 678 7331
Fax: + 56 2 271 5464



Collaborative Research Network:

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Millenium Center for Advanced Studies in Ecology and Research on Biodiversity (MCEB)
MCEB sets out totake advantage of Chile's unique ecosystems and biota for testing ecological end evolutionary hypotheses, for establishing criteria for conservation and the sustainable use of biodiversity, and for bringing science to the public in general.

Research Areas:

  • biogeography and molecular systematics,
  • paleoecology and paleoclimatology,
  • ecocystem functions of biodiversity,
  • evolutionary ecology,
  • chemical ecology,
  • conservation biology

Chilean National Environmental Commission

Center for Advanced Studies in Ecology & Biodiversity

Center for Advanced Studies in Arid Zones (CEAZA)

Programa Interdisciplinario de Estudios en Biodiversidad

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Last updated: 6 August 2004

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