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National Committees


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Dr. Juan Schnack

Department of Entomology
Museo de La Plata, National University of La Plata
Paseo del Bosque s/n
1900 La Plata Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tel: + 54 221 45 22 849
Fax: + 54 221 48 42 714
Email: Dr. Juan Schnack


Dr. Hugo Lopez

Email: Dr. Hugo Lopez

Dr. Jorge V. Crisci

Email: Dr. Jorge V. Crisci




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  • Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research
  • Programa para el Estudio y Uso Sustentable de la Bio Austral (ProBiota)
  • Instituto de Botànica Darwinion (in Spanish)
  • Instituto de Botànica Carlos Spegazzini (in Spanish)

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Last updated: 1st March 2006

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