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Press releases

The press release for the ESSP Open Science Conference "Global Environmental Change: Regional Challenges" from 9-12 November 2006 in Beijing, China, is available in English, French, Spanish and Chinese.

Press releases on the First DIVERSITAS Open Science Conference; 9-12 November 2005; Oaxaca, Mexico

Pre-conference press release:
Valuing Biodiversity Services, Including Its Insurance Against Disease, Focus of 700 Experts Meeting in Mexico

Post-conference press release:
Life Support Services Threatened, 700 Experts Urge More of Biodiversity on World Agenda

Press releases on IMoSEB

For policymakers, biodiversity can present more complex challenges than climate change, argue M Loreau, A Oteng-Yeboah and their co-authors. So why is there no international panel of experts for biodiversity? 
Read the press release by Terry Colins: Titans of Biodiversity Science.. on the consultative process toward an international mechanism on scientific expertise on biodiversity.

Last updated: 17 November 2006

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