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Lessons that can be learned from the DIVERSITAS experience

Watch video interviews and read blog posts!

On the day of its Celebration Conference, on 30 September 2014 in Seville, Spain, DIVERSITAS put a lot of effort in providing up-to-date information on the events and activities of the celebration to its community.

The highlight of this effort was the Youth Reporter Initiative that invited four young scientists selected on the basis of an open call to join the conference and to play the role of reporters.

The main objective of this initiative was to relay the lessons and that can be learned from the DIVERSITAS experience to the broader DIVERSITAS and Future Earth community, and especially the next generation of biodiversity scientists and practitioners.

Today, we would like to share with you the videos that were filmed at the DIVERSITAS Celebration! Watch them here!

The videos feature Melina Sakiyama, and the four reporters, namely Vivian Lam, Carly Ziter, Jasper Montana and Meghan O'Connell (see their bios here); but also Wolfgang Cramer, Belinda Reyers, Jean-Francois Guegan, Sandra Diaz, Felix Forest, and others.

In addition, we are pleased to announce the release of one of a series of four blog posts written by each of the youth reporters. In his blog post entitled Productive research networks and the legacy of DIVERSITAS, Jasper Montana explains how research initiatives often find added value in the networks of people and processes they create. Read Jasper's blog post  here!

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