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MA Report: Findings and key messages identify problems, propose ways of moving forward

In its “Summary for Decision-makers”, Ecosystems and Human Health sets out a succinct overview of why biodiversity loss is a concern and what actions can be taken to promote conservation and sustainable use. It also examines the prospects for meeting 2010 targets of reducing the rate of biodiversity loss, established by the Convention on Biological Diversity.

The Report’s “Key Messages” open with a statement regarding the ways in which biodiversity contributes to security, resiliency, social relations, health and freedom of choices and actions, but also acknowledges the costs associated with human reliance on ecosystem services. Thus, progress can only be achieved by addressing both indirect and direct drivers of change, improving capability to predict the consequences of change, enabling conditions for appropriate responses, coordinating efforts, and setting both short- and long-term goals.

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SciDev.Net offers commentary and explores broader context:

Plants or people? The debate continues
Editorial: David Dickson, SciDev.Net

Is preserving biodiversity compatible with achieving the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals? Judging by reactions to the most recent report on global biodiversity, the answer seems to depend on where one is coming from.

Last Sunday — for those who may not have noticed — was World Biodiversity Day. This is an annual event nominated by the United Nations, and intended to deepen awareness of the fact that human survival depends on safeguarding plant and animal life on Earth. This year's biological diversity day sought to capture this concept in its theme: 'Biodiversity is the life insurance of life itself'.
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Protecting biodiversity 'may clash with pursuit of MDGs'
Feature: Ehsan Masood, SciDev.Net

Achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a set of targets aimed at halving global poverty by 2015, could come into conflict with parallel efforts to reduce the rate of biodiversity loss, according to a new report from some of world's leading environmental scientists and policymakers.

The report Ecosystems and Human Wellbeing: A biodiversity synthesis, which was launched today (19 May), was produced by the biodiversity working group of the five-year-long Millennium Ecosystem Assessment.

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Last updated: 17 June March 2005

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