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Diversitas - an international programme of biodiversity science


The "Global Environmental Change and Biodiversity" workshop will be held in Paris on 2-4 May 2005.

The meeting will focus on the effects of climate change, atmospheric change, and nitrogen deposition on plant and animal diversity in terrestrial ecosystems. It will bring together researchers 1) doing experimental work at the patch scale with elevated CO2, warming, and N deposition, 2) modeling species response to climate change at regional scales using bioclimatic envelopes, 3) modeling in shifts in plant species groups at global scales (DGVM models), and 4) analyzing observational data and developing biodiversity observation networks. The goal is to develop a research agenda that contributes to exchanges of ideas between fields of research, tests of hypotheses underlying models, and reflections on the use of observational and experimental studies.

This meeting differs from previous meetings on the same topic, because we will be focusing on developing ties across groups of scientists having widely varying approaches to study the effects of global change on biodiversity, with the objective of developing lasting networks within the framework of the TERACC (Terrestrial Ecosystem Responses to Atmospheric and Climatic Change), DIVERSITAS (an international program of biodiversity science), and GLP (the Global Land Project) programs.

Organizing committee:
Paul Leadley (University of Paris at Orsay)
Jack Morgan (USDA ARS, Ft. Collins, CO, USA, TERACC)
I.C. Prentice (University of Bristol, Bristol, UK, QUEST)
Lindsey Rustad (USDA Forest Service, Durham, NH, USA, TERACC)
Andrew Watkinson (the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change, Norwich)

For more information, please contact:

Paul Leadley,
Professor of Ecology,
University of Paris at Orsay
E.S.E. (Ecologie, Systématique et Evolution)
Bâtiment 362
Université Paris-Sud XI
F-91405 Orsay Cedex
Tel: + 33 1 69 15 56 93
Fax: + 33 1 69 15 56 96


Last updated: 11 March 2005

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