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DIVERSITAS is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation, funded primarily through the contributions of its National Committees, its Sponsors and various grants. In order to achieve its short- and long-term objectives, the Programme is actively seeking additional support for the following:

The goal of DIVERSITAS is to establish an international framework that helps to develop accurate scientific information and predictive models of the status of biodiversity, to support a more sustainable use of the Earth’s biotic resources, and to build a world-wide capacity for biodiversity science. In so doing, DIVERSITAS brings added value to national and regional biodiversity research projects.

Funding DIVERSITAS initiatives allows individuals, private industry, non-governmental/inter-governmental organizations, foundations and associations to demonstrate a strong commitment to conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity to their own stakeholders and publics. Thus, we invite you to review the following list of initiatives and to contact us directly regarding opportunities for collaboration and co-funding.

The nature of many DIVERSITAS activities is such that even small contributions can make a big difference. For instance, relatively small sums can make it possible for developing nation scientists to participate in regional or international efforts that would normally be beyond that country’s means. The broadest possible participation is critical to our aim of understanding biodiversity change and loss at the global scale.

Scientific initiatives and activities

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In the course of developing Science Plans for each of its Core Projects, DIVERSITAS identified a number of activities and workshops that should be undertaken within the next two to five years. Individuals or organisations interested in providing funds or help for these events are invited to contact the appropriate Chair or Secretariat Staff member.

Core funding

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All DIVERSITAS activities are managed by a Secretariat of approximately five people, which operates on a very tight budget. Donations to the core funding of DIVERSITAS are important to helping us apply adequate resources to the following tasks:

  • coordinating a worldwide effort to produce an international framework for biodiversity research;
  • engaging scientists in scientific networks and collaborative research;
  • holding thematic workshops and symposia;
  • maintaining a network of National Committees;
  • organizing international biodiversity conferences;
  • communicating DIVERSITAS activities to the scientific community and other stakeholders; and
  • raising funds for the full range of our activities.

Whether large or small amounts, general funds allow DIVERSITAS to pursue its objectives in a timely manner. This is particularly true of long-term funding schemes that bring stability to the Programme and make it possible to implement strategic initiatives over the next five to ten years.

Contact: Anne Larigauderie, Executive Director

Capacity building initiatives and activities

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One of the inherent challenges in biodiversity science is the fact that while the greatest richness of species is located in tropical areas, financial and technical capacity are severely lacking outside the developed world. DIVERSITAS seeks to address this dilemma in various ways. One of the most important is by soliciting external support to fund developing nation scientist participation in workshops and symposia. With additional funding, DIVERSITAS would like to expand into other areas, such as training and education and technical support for international research activities. Contact: Anne-Hélène Richard-Prieur, Deputy Director.


Last updated: 23 August 2006

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