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Getting involved

As a Scientist

To register to DIVERSITAS newsletter mailing list

In order for you to automatically be registered to receive our electronic newsletter, and regular information about DIVERSITAS, please register here.

Please note that information submitted is for DIVERSITAS internal use only and will not be made publicly available.

You can request at any time to unsuscribe from the electronic newsletter mailing list.

Of course, as per French law for protection of personal data, you will be able to ask for acces, amendment or deletion of your personal information at any time by simply sending an email to webmaster_AT_diversitas-international.org.

Specific activities

Feel free to contact directly any of the Chairs and Science Officers of DIVERSITAS Projects to get more information on how to participate in their specific activities.

Endorsed projects

Your project may also be of interest to the DIVERSITAS community!

DIVERSITAS endorses research projects that contribute to the implementation of its scientific strategy in any one or several of the core projects or cross-cutting networks of DIVERSITAS. Projects are endorsed at the proposal stage or when already funded, and should meet certain criteria. By having your project endorsed by DIVERSITAS, your involvement in research work that advances the science of DIVERSITAS is made visible. You are also given the opportunity to participate in the activities of DIVERSITAS and DIVERSITAS promotes your research outcomes.

More information on the on-going endorsed projects and the endorsement procedure.

As a National Committee

DIVERSITAS encourages the establishment of National Committees as a means of building a global network in support of an integrated biodiversity science. Please visit the National Committees section of this site for a full description of their role, and find out how to establish a National Committee.

As a Funder

DIVERSITAS is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation, funded by regular contributions from its National Members, and by grants from various organisations. In order to achieve its short- and long-term objectives, the Programme is actively seeking additional support for the following:

Funding DIVERSITAS initiatives allows individuals, private industry, non-governmental/inter-governmental organisations, foundations and associations to demonstrate a strong commitment to conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity to their own constituencies. Thus, we invite you to contact us directly regarding opportunities for collaboration and co-funding.

The nature of many DIVERSITAS activities is such that even small contributions can make a big difference. For instance, relatively small sums can make it possible for developing nation scientists to participate in regional or international efforts that would normally be beyond that country’s means. The broadest possible participation is critical to our aim of understanding biodiversity change and loss at the global scale.

Scientific activities

DIVERSITAS maintains a list of activities to be undertaken within the next two to five years. Individuals or organisations interested in providing funds or help for these events are invited to contact the DIVERSITAS Secretariat.

Core activities

All DIVERSITAS activities are managed by a Secretariat operating on a very tight budget. Donations to the core funding of DIVERSITAS are important to help us to allocate adequate resources to the following tasks:

  • Coordinating a worldwide effort to produce an international framework for biodiversity research;
  • Engaging scientists, particularly from developing countries, in scientific networks and collaborative research;
  • Holding thematic workshops and symposia;
  • Maintaining a network of National Committees;
  • Organising international biodiversity conferences;
  • Communicating DIVERSITAS activities to the scientific community and other stakeholders; and
  • Raising funds for the full range of our activities.

Contact: DIVERSITAS Secretariat.

Capacity building activities

DIVERSITAS is committed to engaging scientists from all regions of the world as well as young scientists in its activities, and therefore soliciting external support to support participation of these scientists in workshops and symposia. If you would like to support a young scientist or a scientist from a developing country please contact the DIVERSITAS Secretariat.

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