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Don’t do boring science!

... says the fourth story from the Youth Reporter Initiative!

In this week's story - ‘Don’t do boring science!’ Advice for early career scientists from the DIVERSITAS community - coming out of the Youth Reporter Initiative, Vivian Lam provides 25 tips for young scientists to pep up their early career with advices from the DIVERSITAS community.

This story is the last one pulished after Jasper Montana's Productive research networks and the legacy of DIVERSITAS, Carly Ziter's Beyond DIVERSITAS – the future legacy of a new generation of biodiversity scientists and Meghan O'Connell's Celebrating opportunity by the Youth Reporters who participated in the DIVERSITAS Celebration Conference that took place in Seville Spain on 30 October 2014.

These stories are all available on Future Earth Blog and were written as part of the Youth Reporter Initiative that supported communication during and after the Celebration through the participation of four young scientists in the conference.

We wish Vivian, Jasper, Meghan and Carly a fruitful and fun carreer away from boring science!

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