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Cross-cutting Networks

Scientific Committee members


Robert J. Naiman

University of Washington, USA
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Angela Arthington

Griffith University, Australia
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Jay O'Keeffe

UNESCO-IHE, Department of Environmental Resources, the Netherlands

David Dudgeon

University of Hong Kong, China
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Doris Soto

Fisheries Department, FAO of UN, Italy
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Marc Gessner

EAWAG, Switzerland
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Melanie Stiassny

Museum of Natural History New York, USA
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Zen'ichiro Kawabata

Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Japan


Caroline Sullivan

Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, United Kingdom
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Duncan Knowler

Simon Fraser University, Canada
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Michael E. McClain
Florida International University, USA
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Ex-officio Members

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Eric Craswell

Global Water System Project, Germany
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Andras Szöllözi-Nagy

UNESCO - International Hydrological Programme, France


Last updated: 14 September 2006

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