Prof. Charles Perrings (Vice Chair)

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Prof. Charles Perrings (Vice Chair)


International Institute for Sustainability
Arizona State University
Box 873211
Tempe, Arizona 85287-3211

Tel: + 1 480 965-2975
Fax: + 1 480 965-8087

Email: Charles Perrings
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Charles Perrings is currently Professor of Environmental Economics and Environmental Management at the University of York, where he founded the Environment Department in 1992. Previous appointments include Professor of Economics at the University of California -Riverside; Director of the Biodiversity Programme of the Beijer Institute, Stockholm; Professor of Economics at the University of Botswana; and Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Auckland.

Prof. Perrings is editor of the Cambridge University Press journal, Environment and Development Economics, and is on the editorial board of several other journals in environmental, resource and ecological economics, and in conservation ecology. He is President of the International Society for Ecological Economics, a society formed to bring together the insights of the ecological and economic sciences to aid understanding and management of environmental problems. Prof. Perrings also serves as Vice Chair of the Scientific Committee of DIVERSITAS. He has advised various governmental, intergovernmental and international non-governmental organisations as well as research funding agencies.

His research interests in environmental, resource and ecological economics include the modelling of dynamical ecological-economic systems, the management of environmental public goods under uncertainty, and the environmental implications of economic development.