Prof. Rodolfo Dirzo (Vice Chair)

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Prof. Rodolfo Dirzo (Vice Chair)


Stanford University
Department of Biological Sciences
Stanford CA 94305-4015, USA

Tel: + 1 650 736 76 43
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Website : Personnal Web page

Rodolfo Dirzo's main field of expertise is tropical ecology and conservation and his primary area of research is ecological interactions. He focuses on the conservation of processes in tropical forests. Dirzo's work includes the study of defaunation (the contemporary loss of vertebrates) and its consequences on forest diversity and function; deforestation and its consequences on atmospheric properties; and tropic relationships between plants and animals (who eats who, who is eaten by whom, and with what consequences for the functioning of ecosystems).

Dirzo helped create the Center for Ecology at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM). He was formerly director of the Los Tuxtlas Research Station (Mexico).