Prof. Mary Kalin Arroyo

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Prof. Mary Kalin Arroyo


Millenium Center for Advanced Studies in Ecology & Biodiversity Research
University of Chile
Castilla 653
Santiago, Chile

Tel: + 56 2 276 0351
Fax: + 56 2 271 5464

E-mail:Prof. Mary Kalin Arroyo
Web site: Personal web page

Prof. Mary Kalin-Arroyo earned her Ph.D. from the University of California - Berkeley (USA) in 1971 and is currently professor at the Universidad de Chile. Her main research focuses on explaining the factors that modulate evolutionary changes in the reproduction systems of plants. She is studying several characteristics of life history that contribute to these changes (e.g. availability of pollinators, longevity of the adults).

Prof. Kalin-Arroyo’s interests lie as much at the level of complete communities as at the level of specific plants, and she conducts research in elevation gradients in the Andean zone of central Chile. She has incorporated an evolutionary dimension, by means of the construction of phylogenies using molecular technology. Her studies in biogeography are oriented to answer questions such as: how many species are in each biogeographical zone? Where are the wealth of species and endemisms concentrated? Which ecological and historical factors explain the diversity?

From an analytical perspective, Prof. Kalin-Arroyo is interested in the protected areas of central Chile. The main questions are: What proportion of the flora of central Chile is in currently protected areas? And how efficiently are these protected areas for lodging biodiversity?