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bio David Finnoff

Dr. David Finnoff is as associate professor and director of undergraduate studies in the department of economics and finance at the University of Wyoming. He has developed linked general equilibrium economic/ecosystem models to better understand the joint determination of important variables in economies and ecosystems. They have been applied to Alaskan fisheries and marine ecosystems, Wyoming riverine ecosystems, and North Carolina estuaries.

He has also integrated economic/ecological models for optimal management of economic and ecological systems subject to the risk of nonindigenous species invasion. Applied to zebra mussel invasions in the Great Lakes region of the U.S., potential zebra mussel invasion of the Columbia and Colorado river basins, to the spread of the emerald ash borer across Michigan and Ohio, and the general management of interconnected lakes systems. Other work includes the development of integrated economic/ecological models for optimal management of native pests. Applied to the outbreak of mountain pine beetle in lodgepole pine forests. Finnoff has also developed integrated economic/epidemiological models for management of infectious diseases in humans and used general equilibrium methods to model plant communities.


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