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Scientific publications

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Scientific publications


Pereira HM, Ferrier S, Walters M, Geller GN, Jongman RHG, Scholes RJ, Bruford MW, Brummitt N, Butchart SHM, Cardoso AC, Coops NC, Dulloo E, Faith DP, Freyhof J, Gregory RD, Heip C, Höft R, Hurtt G, Jetz W, Karp D, McGeoch MA, Obura D, Onoda Y, Pettorelli N, Reyers B, Sayre R, Scharlemann JPW, Stuart SN, Turak E, Walpole M and Wegmann M. 2013. Essential Biodiversity Variables. Science. 339(6117):227-278

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Bonan GB, Oleson KW, Fisher RA, Lasslop G and Reichstein M. 2012. Reconciling leaf physiological traits and canopy flux data: Use of the TRY and FLUXNET databases in the Community Land Model version 4. Journal of Geophysical Research-Biogeosciences. 117:19

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de Vries FT, Manning P, Tallowin JRB, Mortimer SR, Pilgrim ES, Harrison KA, Hobbs PJ, Quirk H, Shipley B, Cornelissen JHC, Kattge J and Bardgett RD. 2012. Abiotic drivers and plant traits explain landscape-scale patterns in soil microbial communities. Ecology Letters. 15(11):1230-1239

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Goll DS, Brovkin V, Parida BR, Reick CH, Kattge J, Reich PB, van Bodegom PM and Niinemets U. 2012. Nutrient limitation reduces land carbon uptake in simulations with a model of combined carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus cycling. Biogeosciences. 9(9):3547-3569

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Knapp S, Dinsmore L, Fissore C, Hobbie SE, Jakobsdottir I, Kattge J, King JY, Klotz S, McFadden JP and Cavender-Bares J. 2012. Phylogenetic and functional characteristics of household yard floras and their changes along an urbanization gradient. Ecology. 93(8):S83-S98

Kunstler G, Lavergne S, Courbaud B, Thuiller W, Vieilledent G, Zimmermann NE, Kattge J and Coomes DA. 2012. Competitive interactions between forest trees are driven by species' trait hierarchy, not phylogenetic or functional similarity: implications for forest community assembly. Ecology Letters. 15(8):831-840

Loranger J, Meyer ST, Shipley B, Kattge J, Loranger H, Roscher C and Weisser WW. 2012. Predicting invertebrate herbivory from plant traits: evidence from 51 grassland species in experimental monocultures. Ecology. 93(12):2674-2682

Shan H, Kattge J, Reich PB, Banerjee A, Schrodt F and Reichstein M. 2012. Gap Filling in the Plant Kingdom - Trait Prediction Using Hierarchical Probabilistic Matrix Factorization. 29th International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML). Edimburgh, Scotland, UK.

Verheijen LM, Brovkin V, Aerts R, Bönisch G, Cornelissen JHC, Kattge J, Reich PB, Wright IJ and van Bodegom PM. 2012. Impacts of trait variation through observed trait-climate relationships on performance of a representative Earth System model: a conceptual analysis. Biogeosciences Discussions. 9(12):18907-18950

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Costello MJ and Wilson SP. 2011. Predicting the number of known and unknown species in European seas using rates of description. Global Ecology and Biogeography. 20(2):319-330

Costello MJ, Wilson S and Houlding B. 2011. Predicting Total Global Species Richness Using Rates of Species Description and Estimates of Taxonomic Effort. Systematic Biology.

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Kattge, J., Diaz, S., Lavorel, S., Prentice, I. C., Leadley, P., Boenisch, G., … Wright, I. J. (2011). TRY - a global database of plant traits. Global Change Biology, 17, 2905–2935. Retrieved from http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/j.1365-2486.2011.02451.x

McMahon SM, Harrison SP, Armbruster WS, Bartlein PJ, Beale CM, Edwards ME, Kattge J, Midgley G, Morin X and Prentice IC. 2011. Improving assessment and modelling of climate change impacts on global terrestrial biodiversity. Trends in Ecology & Evolution. 26(5):249-259

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Benítez-López A, Alkemade R and Verweij PA. 2010. The impacts of roads and other infrastructure on mammal and bird populations: A meta-analysis. Biological Conservation. 143(6):1307-1316

Bobbink R, Hicks K, Galloway J, Spranger T, Alkemade R, Ashmore M, Bustamante M, Cinderby S, Davidson E, Dentener F, Emmett B, Erisman JW, Fenn M, Gilliam F, Nordin A, Pardo L and De Vries W. 2010. Global assessment of nitrogen deposition effects on terrestrial plant diversity: a synthesis. Ecological Applications. 20(1):30-59

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Pereira HM, Belnap J, Brummitt N, Collen B, Ding H, Gonzalez-Espinosa M, Gregory RD, Honrado J, Jongman RHG, Julliard R, McRae L, Proença V, Rodrigues P, Opige M, Rodriguez JP, Schmeller DS, van Swaay C and Vieira C. 2010. Global biodiversity monitoring. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. 8(9):459-460

Pereira HM, Leadley PW, Proença V, Alkemade R, Scharlemann JPW, Fernandez-Manjarrés JF, Araujo MB, Balvanera P, Biggs R, Cheung WWL, Chini L, Cooper HD, Gilman EL, Guénette S, Hurtt GC, Huntington HP, Mace GM, Oberdorff T, Revenga C, Rodrigues P, Scholes RJ, Sumaila UR and Walpole M. 2010. Scenarios for Global Biodiversity in the 21st Century. Science. 330(6010):1496-1501

Trisurat Y, Alkemade R and Verburg P. 2010. Projecting Land-Use Change and Its Consequences for Biodiversity in Northern Thailand. Environmental Management. 45(3):626-639

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Ash N, Jürgens N, Leadley P, Alkemade R, Araujo MB, Asner G, Bachelet D, Costello MJ, Finlayson M, Lavorel S, Mace G, Mooney HA, Parr T, Scholes RJ, Soberon J, Turner W, Prieur-Richard A-H, Larigauderie A and Walther BA. 2009. bioDISCOVERY: Assessing, monitoring and predicting biodiversity change. DIVERSITAS Report N°7, bioDISCOVERY Science Plan and Implementation Strategy. DIVERSITAS. 40p.

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Scholes RJ, Mace GM, Turner W, Geller GN, Jürgens N, Larigauderie A, Muchoney D, Walther BA and Mooney HA. 2008. Toward a Global Biodiversity Observing System. Science. 321(5892):1044-1045

Walther BA, Larigauderie A, Ash N, Geller GN, Jürgens N and Lane MA. 2008. Toward a global biodiversity observation network. In: (Ed.) G-GoEO (Eds). The Full Picture. Tudor Rose, Geneva, Switzerland. 79-81

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Ash N, Jürgens N, Larigauderie A, Leadley P, Mace G, Mooney HA, Scholes RJ, Walther BA, Lane MA, Muchoney D, Geller GN and Turner W. 2007. Towards a global biodiversity observation network. The First 100 steps to GEOSS. GEO Secretariat, Geneva, Switzerland(100p

Walther BA. 2007. Towards a global biodiversity observation network: the GEOSS framework. International Conference on Long-Term Ecological Research: Meeting the challenges of sustainable ecosystem management from local to global scales. Chines Exosystem Research Network, Beijing, China. 15-17

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Balmford A, Bennun L, ten Brink B, Cooper D, Cote IM, Crane P, Dobson A, Dudley N, Dutton I, Green RE, Gregory RD, Harrison J, Kennedy ET, Kremen C, Leader-Williams N, Lovejoy TE, Mace G, May R, Mayaux P, Morling P, Phillips J, Redford K, Ricketts TH, Rodriguez JP, Sanjayan M, Schei PJ, van Jaarsveld AS and Walther BA. 2005. The convention on biological diversity's 2010 target. Science. 307(5707):212-213

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Rodriguez JP, Good T and Dirzo R. 2005. Diversitas and the challenge of Latin American biodiversity conservation. Interciencia. 30(8):450-450

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Larigauderie A, Scholes B and Jürgens N. 2004. DIVERSITAS – GTOS Workshop Towards a global biodiversity observation system – a short report. In: Beck E, Berendsohn W, Boutros M, Denich M, Henle K, Jürgens N, Kirk M and Wolters V (Eds). Sustainable use and conservation of biological diversity - A challenge for society. PT-DLR Environmental Research and Technology.

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