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bio Rob Alkemade

Rob Alkemade senior scientist biodiversity

Rob Alkemade is senior researcher on global biodiversity and ecosystem goods and services at the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency and visiting scientist at Wageningen University.

His main interest is the design and development of models and indicators for biodiversity assessment at a global and regional level for terrestrial as well as marine and freshwater ecosystems. He coordinates the development of the GLOBIO model in co-operation with UNEP- GRID, Arendal and UNEP WCMC, Cambridge and supervised model development and scenarios studies in Latin America, Africa and South-East Asia. He has a wide experience in biodiversity assessment and scenario analysis at the global level and contributed to the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, Global Environmental Outlooks and Global Biodiversity Outlooks. He is project leader on ecosystem goods and services, responsible for the research on the relationship between biodiversity, land use and ecosystem goods and services.

He graduated at Wageningen University as an agronomist in 1987 and obtained his PhD in 1993 on the role of nematodes in coastal ecosystems at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology.

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