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DIVERSITAS Celebration

© Peter Beesley - http://peterbeesley.blogspot.com


Group photo © Jasper Montana


DIVERSITAS provided up-to-date information on the events and activities during the celebration to its community.

In particular, a Youth Reporter Initiative was implemented specifically to relay the lessons that can be learned from the DIVERSITAS experience to the broader DIVERSITAS and Future Earth community, and especially the next generation of biodiversity scientists and practitioners. Vivian Lam, Jasper Montana, Meghan O'Connell, and Carly Ziter were the four young scientists who successfully played this journalistic role. They produced a set of filmed interviews and blog posts that are posted below.

In addition, the information on the events and activities during the celebration and the ones compiled after the day of the Celebration have been shared on #diversitas.

Photos from the conference as well as older ones from other events and activities of DIVERSITAS are available here.



A series of four blog posts has been written by the youth reporters.

  • Productive research networks and the legacy of DIVERSITAS - Jasper reflects on how research initiatives often find added value in the networks of people and processes they create.
  • Beyond DIVERSITAS – the future legacy of a new generation of biodiversity scientists - Carly questions the role the young biodiversity scientists will play in solving the biodiversity crisis.
  • Celebrating opportunity - Meghan finds out how key players in DIVERSITAS initially got involved in its network and how it transformed their careers; and highlights the importance of a holistic and inclusive networking approach for sustainability science.
  • ‘Don’t do boring science!’ Advice for early career scientists from the DIVERSITAS community - Vivian provides 25 tips for young scientists to pep up their early career with advices from the DIVERSITAS community.


Video interviews

View them here!


The presentations that were given during the Celebration conference are accessible below.

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