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DIVERSITAS is a GEO co-lead for GEO BON together with NASA (and EBONE for the period 2008-2012). These two organisations are responsible for reporting on progress of GEO BON to GEO.

The initial role of DIVERSITAS in GEO BON has been to help with the coordination of the development of the GEO BON concept and implementation plan, and to ensure, in particular, that GEO BON develops within a robust scientific framework, and involves scientific leaders in relevant fields.

The Scientific Committee of DIVERSITAS (SC-DIVERSITAS), which includes the chair of SC-GEO BON as an Ex-Officio Member, reviews progress of GEO BON at each one of its meetings.


Since 2010, DIVERSITAS has focused its contribution to GEO BON, around three sets of activities:

1- Science-policy work around GEO BON

  • Representation of GEO BON at SBSTTA and COP meetings of the Convention on Biological Diversity (as an example, see Decision X/7)
  • Positioning of GEO BON within the IPBES process, as the global observing system for biodiversity of the science-policy interface for biodiversity (see Larigauderie and Mooney 2010)


2- Core support of two GEO BON working groups

DIVERSITAS is providing support (funding and administrative support via the bioGENESIS and bioDISCOVERY secretariats) to two of the working groups of GEO BON. These were selected because they are at an early stage of development, and need a strong scientific input.

The genetic & phylogenetic diversity group (D Faith/T Yahara); coordination via the bioGENESIS project office;

The ecosystem services group (H Mooney/H Tallis); coordination via the bioDISCOVERY project office; and

The working group on freshwater ecosystems (I Harrison/E Turak) via the freshwaterBIODIVERSITY project office.


3- Occasional support to other working groups

DIVERSITAS provides in-kind help (administrative support for the organisation of meetings) and traveling support to other GEO BON working group members, on a case by case basis.

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