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The work of GEO BON is guided by the GEO BON implementation plan, and supervised by the SC-GEO BON.

Upcoming meetings

GEOSS-related meetings here


Developments up to December 2014


June 2014

GEO BON Joint Advisory Board Meeting and Implementation Committee Meeting (Leipzig, Germany): a new governance structure was approved.

European GEO meeting (Athens, Greece)

April 2014

EU BON meeting (Crete, Greece)

GEO meeting (Geneva, Switzerland)

March 2014 Jörg Freyhof is the new GEO BON officer.

15-16 Jan 2014

Tenth Plenary Session of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO-X) (Geneva, Switzerland)
14 Jan 2014 Switzerland and GEO BON, in conjunction with GEO X, organised a Day on Biodiversity observation
14-18 Oct 2013 GEO BON at SBSTTA 17: Plenary address by Robert Scholes (CSIR, South Africa), Chair, GEO BON, on the outcomes of the Expert Workshop on enhancing biodiversity data and observing systems in support of the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 (Montreal, Canada)
12 Oct 2013 Convention on Biological Diversity and GEO BON Expert Workshop on enhancing biodiversity data and observing systems in support of the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 (Montreal, Canada)
11-12 Jul 2013 SC-GEO BON (Geneva, Switzerland; upon invitation)
25 Jan 2013 Side event on Essential Biodiversity Variables at IPBES-1, Bonn
H Pereira and A Larigauderie
18 Jan 2013

Essential Biodiversity Variables
Publication: Pereira et al., Science, 339:277

3-6 Dec 2012 2nd GEO BON All Hands Meeting, Asilomar, USA
22-23 Nov 2012 GEO IX Plenary session, Foz do Iguacu, Parana, Brazil
8-19 Oct 2012

CBD COP11, Hyderabad, India, (Presentation of the GEO BON Aichi Initiative at the Rio Pavillon session "Towards Integrated Science, Assessments and Monitoring for the Rio conventions" (DIVERSITAS, Future Earth, SCBD, UNEP-WCMC): See the programme)

Decision XI/3 of CBD-COP11 invites GEO BON to collaborate to the work on indicators (para 12) and to continue its work on the identification of Essential Biodiversity Variables and the development of associated data sets (para 13), as presented in the document UNEP/CBD/SBSTTA/15/INF/8 prepared by GEO BON.

30 Aug 2012

2nd GEOSS S&T Stakeholder Workshop, Bonn, Germany

Presentations by A Larigauderie:
GEO BON: addressing the observation needs of the UN Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020; and
Building a global observation system for biodiversity: The GEO BON initiative.

5-6 Jul 2012 SC-GEO BON (Copenhagen, Denmark; upon invitation)
12-13 Mar 2012 EBONE Final Meeting, Brussels, Belgium
27-29 Feb 2012 EBV (Essential Biodiversity Variables) Experts Meeting, Frascati, Italy
8-9 Dec 2011 Global Wetlands Observation System (GWOS) Scoping Meeting (Ede, The Netherlands)
4 Dec 2011 AP BON Symposium (Tokyo, Japan)
2-3 Dec 2011 4th AP BON Workshop (Tokyo, Japan)
16-17 Nov 2011 GEO VIII Plenary meeting (Istanbul, Turkey)
7-11 Nov 2011 CBD/SBSTTA 15 (GEO BON side event: 8 Nov); GEO BON submits to SBSTTA 15 its "Adequacy report on biodiversity observation systems to support the Aichi Targets", as UNEP/CBD/SBSTTA/15/INF/8
29-30 Jun 2011 SC-GEO BON (Geneva, GEO Headquarters; upon invitation)
20-24 Jun 2011

CBD AHTEG on Indicators for the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 (High Wycombe, UK; CBD Notification; Adequacy Report)

March 2011             
GEO BON meeting (Wageningen, NL) to respond to COP10 decision, and produce an adequacy report of existing observation capabilities for the 2020 targets.
Oct 2010 GEO BON side event at CBD-COP10 (Nagoya, Japan)
Oct 2010

CBD-COP10 (Nagoya, Japan) in Decision X/7

… recognises the need to continue strengthening the ability to monitor biodiversity at all levels including, inter alia, (…) through participation in, and support of GEO BON

…requests the Executive Secretary to invite GEO BON (…) to prepare an evaluation of existing observation capabilities relevant to the targets contained in the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 (…).

Jun 2010 Establishment of GEO BON secretariat (Pretoria, S-Africa); Michele Walters is the GEO BON officer.
Jun 2010 2nd GEO BON Steering Committee meeting; Chair: B Scholes (Cambridge, UK)
22 May 2010 GEO BON implementation plan released at CBD-SBSTTA 14 (version 1.0)
May 2010 GEO BON featured at CBD-SBSTTA 14 (side event)
Feb 2010 3rd International GEO BON workshop (90 ptcpts; Asilomar, California)
Nov 2009 Report by GEO BON at GEO-VI Plenary (Washington)
Jun 2009 1st GEO BON Steering Committee meeting; Chair: B Scholes (Geneva)
Jan 2009 2nd GEO BON interim Steering Committee meeting (Washington)

Oct 2008

CBD-COP9 notes initiation of GEO BON and requests the CBD Executive Secretary to continue collaborating with GEO BON in Decision IX/15

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