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Ignaciuk A, Rice M, Bogardi J, Canadell JG, Dhakal S, Ingram J, Leemans R, Rosenberg M (2012):  Responding  to  complex  societal  challenges:  A  decade  of  Earth  System Science Partnership (ESSP) interdisciplinary research (pdf, 904kb). Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability. DOI: 10.1016/j.cosust.2011.12.003.

Ignaciuk, A and Leemans, R (2012): Global Health Research Needs Global Networking, Human Evolution/Global Bioethics, Vol. 27- n.1-3 (31-34) – 2012

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Global Carbon Project (GCP)

Peters G, Andrew  R,  Boden T, Canadell J, Ciais P, Le Quéré C, Marland G, Raupach M, Wilson C (2012) The challenge to keep global warming below two degrees. Nature Climate Change. DOI:10.1038/nclimate1783. Access here.

Patra PK, Josep G. Canadell JG, Lal S (2012) The Rapidly Changing Greenhouse Gas Budget of Asia. International Workshop on Asian Greenhouse Gases Budgets; Ahmedabad, India, 27–29 September 2011, EOS 93: 237.

Pan Y, Birdsey R, Fang J, Houghton R, Kauppi P, Kurz WA, Phillips OL, Shvidenko A, Lewis SL, Canadell JG, Ciais P, Jackson RB, Pacala S, McGuire AD, Piao S, Rautiainen A, Sitch S, Hayes D (2011) A Large and Persistent Carbon Sink in the World's Forests (pdf, 726kb). Supporting Online Material, Science. DOI: 10.1126/science.1201609.

Raupach RM, Canadell JG, Ciais P, Friedlingstein P, Rayner PJ, Trudinger C (2011) The relationship between peak warming and cumulative CO2 emissions and its use to quantify vulnerabilities in the carbon-climate-human system, Tellus 63B: 145–164.

Anderson RG, Canadell JG, Randerson JT, Jackson RB, Hungate BA, Baldocchi DD, Ban-Weiss GA, Bonan GB, Caldeira K, Cao L, Diffenbaugh NS, Gurney KR, Kueppers LM, Law BE, Luyssaert S, O'Halloran TL (2011) Biophysical considerations in forestry for climate protection, Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 9: 174-182, doi:10.1890/090179.

Canadell JG, Ciais P, Gurney K, Le Quéré C, Piao S, Raupach MR, Sabine CL (2011) An international effort to quantify regional carbon fluxes, EOS 92: 81-82.


Global Environmental Change and Food Systems (GECAFS)

Edited by John Ingram, Polly Ericksen and Diana Liverman (2010): Food Security and Global Environmental Change, Earthscan. (A free PDF download of the entire book is available from Earthscan).

Ingram, J (2011): A food systems approach to researching food security and its interactions with global environmental change, Food Security Journal, November 2011, DOI: 10.1007/s12571-011-0149-9.

Drimie S, Arntzen J, Dube P, Ingram J, Mano R, Mataya C, Muchero M, Vhurumuku E,  Ziervogel G, (2011): Global environmental change and food systems in Southern Africa: The dynamic challenges facing regional policy, Journal of Geography and Regional Planning, Vol 4.

White R, Stewart B, O’Neill P (2011): Agriculture and food systems in sub-Saharah Africa in a 4°C+ world, Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A 369, pp117-136.

Ziervogel G and Ericksen P (2010): Adapting to climate change to sustain food security, Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change.


Global Water System Project (GWSP)

Jain SK (2012): Sustainable water management in India considering likely climate and other changes. Current Science, Vol. 102, No.2.

Bogardi J,  Dudgeon D,  Lawford R,  Flinkerbusch  E,  Meyn  A,  Pahl-Wostl C, Vielhauer K, Vörösmarty C (2011): Water Security for a Planet under Pressure: Interconnected challenges of a changing world call for sustainable solutions. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 2011, 4:1-9.

Bogard J, Pahl-Wostl C, Vörösmarty C (2011): Water Security: Challenges for Science and Policy. Interconnected Problems of a Changing World call for Sustainable Solutions. Bonn: Global Water System Project.

Fader M, Gerten D, Thammer M, Heinke J, Lotze-Campen H, Lucht W, Cramer W. (2011): Internal and external green-blue agricultural water footprints of nations, and related water and land savings through trade. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 15, 1641-1660.


Global Environmental Change and Human Health (GECHH)

Kovats S and Butler C (2012): Global health and environmental change: linking research and policy. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 2012, 44-50.

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