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Diversitas - an international programme of biodiversity science
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DIVERSITAS - an integrative approach to biodiversity science

Biodiversity underpins the life-support system of our planet. Yet several factors, including human behaviour, have brought us to a critical point. The world is experiencing an unprecedented rate of species extinction, which may have far-reaching consequences for all life forms.

DIVERSITAS brings together biological, ecological and social sciences to address four key questions that underlie our limited understanding of the current situation.

  • How did biodiversity evolve in space and time to reach current state?
  • How much biodiversity exists and how does its change or loss affect the system as a whole?
  • How does biodiversity correspond to the delivery of ecosystem functions and services, and what is the true value of these commodities?
  • How can scientific investigation support policy and decision making to encourage more sustainable use of biodiversity?

Armed with a broader, deeper knowledge of biodiversity, we will be better equipped to safeguard the future of Earth’s natural resources.

Linking local and global efforts

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Through its international framework for biodiversity science, DIVERSITAS helps maximise the impact of initiatives undertaken around the world. By establishing National Committees and collaborating with other organisations, DIVERSITAS enlarges and strengthens scientific networks. In turn, this makes it easier to identify global research priorities, allocate resources, facilitate knowledge transfer, and support capacity building.

Bridging the science/policy interface

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The DIVERSITAS Science Plan highlights the need to synthesise existing scientific knowledge, identify gaps and emerging issues, and promote new research initiatives while also examining the policy implications of biodiversity science. Ultimately, the goal is to provide government agencies and policy makers with the information required to make sound decisions on biodiversity issues.


Last updated: 13 September 2006

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