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Diversitas - an international programme of biodiversity science
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Our Mission...

Biodiversity changes in rhythm with its own evolutionary and ecological dynamics, but also as a result of deliberate and unintentional human actions. In turn, it affects human societies, which have to adapt to these changes. In order to understand and predict this cycle of interactions, the mission of DIVERSITAS is to:

  • promote an integrative biodiversity science, linking biological, ecological and social disciplines in an effort to produce socially relevant new knowledge; and
  • provide the scientific basis for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.

DIVERSITAS achieves these goals by synthesizing existing scientific knowledge, identifying gaps and emerging issues, and promoting new research initiatives, while also building bridges across countries and disciplines. The Programme also investigates policy implications of biodiversity science, and communicates these to policy fora, including international conventions.

The primary means by which DIVERSITAS carries out its mission is through catalysing research aligned with its four Scientific Core Projects and engaging scientists in the following activities:

  • developing common international frameworks for collaborative research.
  • forming research networks to tackle focused scientific questions.
  • promoting standardised methodologies.
  • guiding and facilitating construction of global databases.
  • facilitating efficient patterns of resource allocation, and
  • undertaking analysis, synthesis and integration activities on particular biodiversity themes.


Last updated: 13 September 2006

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