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bio Karine Payet-Lebourges

Karine did her undergraduate studies in general ecology at different French universities (St Denis in Reunion Island, Montpellier, Toulouse and Bordeaux). In 2008, she obtained her Master of Science by research from Stellenbosch University in South Africa. She studied systematic conservation planning and applied GIS-based, spatial assessment techniques for the identification of conservation priorities. Her research was based on Reunion Island and the Little Karoo in South Africa and she worked closely in particular with Dr Mathieu Rouget.


Karine also has strong interests into the research-application or science-policy interface. She has studied the principles of transdisciplinary research and worked at ETH Zurich with Dr Christian Pohl in 2010 and 2011 to learn on the topic. Her interests also include adaptive management and the valuation and use of ecosystem services as concepts to bridge biodiversity research and decision-making. She is particularly keen on the role of cultural ecosystem services to motivate conservation action and welcomes any discussion on the issue.


Karine has worked as a research assistant or research engineer in conservation ecology and conservation planning in different research institutions such as Stellenbosch University, CSIRO in Australia and INRA in France. She joined the DIVERSITAS International Secretariat in October 2012 as a Science Officer. Her tasks include facilitating research to implement the DIVERSITAS Scientific Strategy by supporting several of the core projects and networks.


Contact: karine_AT_diversitas-international.org

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