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Switzerland is a full member National Committee.

The Swiss Biodiversity Forum of the Swiss Academy of Sciences is the DIVERSITAS National Committee for Switzerland. It was founded in 1999 as a bottom-up process by Swiss biodiversity researchers. The Swiss Biodiversity Forum is the competence center for biodiversity research in Switzerland.

The Biodiversity Forum advocates progress in biodiversity research, it synthesizes available knowledge, it promotes the dialog between science, policy makers and civil society; and it fosters the collaboration with nature conservation professionals.

Its Scientific Advisory Board consists of researchers from human and social sciences, experts in agriculture and conservation, and representatives of the federal administration.

More information on : http://www.biodiversity.ch/


Daniela Pauli PhD, Executive Director, Swiss Biodiversity Forum, Swiss Academy of Sciences, Bern.

Chair: Christian Körner PhD Professor, Institute of Botany, University of Basel.

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