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Portugal is an affiliated member National Committee.

The Portuguese National Committee for IGBP – Global Change is an elected group of researchers and professors, which is recognized by the Portuguese Ministry of Science and Technology and Higher Education.

It has for main mission to stimulate the creation of an effective interdisciplinary network of Portuguese researchers in the field of global environmental change studies. One of the main goals of the current National Committee is to strengthen the institutional cooperation with the main international Global Environmental Change programmes, namely with DIVERSITAS.

In November 2010, the Portuguese and the Spanish National Committees for IGBP – Global Change co-organised the 2nd Iberian Seminar Global Change in the Iberian Peninsula: An integrated approach.

More information on : http://igbp-portugal.org


Nelson Lourenco, Chair, European Alliance of Global Change Research Committees, Barcarena, Portugal.

Carlos Russo Machado, Deputy Science Officer, Portuguese National Committee for IGBP – Global Change, Barcarena, Portugal.

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